“Fairy Tale” by Cyn Balog is an entertaining account of a modern day fairy tale, occurring in New Jersey where the characters are juniors in high school. Fairy Tale by Cyn Balog – book cover, description, publication history. Morgan and her football star boyfriend Cam have been “attached at the hip since kindergarten,” but now their love is threatened by the.

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I’ll be baoog when I first saw the cover for this book earlier this year, I fell in love with it– or lust, since the original title which was soon changed, why, I have no clue! Biggest book let down!

What is she really? As far as the characters go, at the beginning, I was all for Cam– he seemed like a sweet guy, yet masculine enough to satisfy the ‘strong male’ role that I so love in my romances. The details around the edges could have made it interesting, but they weren’t followed up on most of the fairy stuffor were just there for “color” and not really dealt with on an on-going basis psychic stuff, Italian c This is unfortunately terrible.

Fairy Tale

Boo is just lucky everything fell into place perfectly for her at the end of this book even though she fought it the entire time. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Plot Lines and Personalities. I also thought there were unanswered questions about Pip’s history in Otherworld why he was really hurt?

Fairy Tale is so much fun to read, and I’ll probably read it again when I’m in a fairy mood. I don’t think I’ve ever been as emotionally attached to any characters as I am to Morgan, Cam, and Pip.


Within the first few chapters you can pretty much tell how this is going to play out, yet I considered finishing it in hopes that something tlae would happen. No, I love Cam! Copyrights Fairy Tale from BookRags.

Morgan Sparks has always known that she and her boyfriend, Cam, are made for each other.

The way it is writen it’s bad. The night he was born, fairies came down and switched him with a healthy human boy. I’ve never given a book no stars before, but if I could given this one that rating, I would.

Her unstable actions and thoughts made this an aggravating read.

It just didn’t quite do it for me, but now I’ll be on the lookout for what other stories Cyn Balog has to tell. Half way trough the baloy I wanted it to be over. The main character had every bad female characteristic I could possibly imagine; it actually made me angry. I haven’t hated a book this much since Twilight. As I went through the story I had varying thoughts of how it should end up. We care for them, watch them grow, and then push them out fair the real world to be on their own.

The plot is about a girl with a fairy-tale life complete with star quarterback drop-dead-gorgeous boyfriend who so happens to be her next-door neighbor since birth look up Westermark effect and so happens to have the same birthday as her. Sep 14, Danielle Folker rated it it was ok Shelves: When the psychic, Morgan, finds out that her boyfriend, Baloh, is really ballg fairy who was switched at birth with the Brownes’ human son, Pip, she struggles to find a way to prevent Cam from leaving her and returning to his home in Otherworld to become king of the Seelie Court.


An epilogue from Cam’s point of view might have been nice?

I seriously can’t even think of her name besides the one Cam called her “Boo”. Of course Pip falls in love with Morgan too because that’s just the kind of book this is.

Fairy Tale by Cyn Balog

The fairies take him away, she ends up with Pip, and never remembers Cam again. Their situations and backgrounds are almost necessarily interesting. For Cam, it means that he’ll get his full powers as a Fairy and that the portal to his world, Otherworld, will open up for him and is the only time he could go back. I am not entirely saying that Fairy Tale was completely the same as Wondrous Strange.

Then, almost suddenly, everything changes. However, the fairies want Cam back and have replaced Pip, his mortal counterpart.

Bookslut | Fairy Tale by Cyn Balog

Jul 07, Martha rated it it was ok Shelves: I absolutely loved this story. I’ve got to keep Cam here! How can she get him to stay?

There’s fist fights, vicious dreams, visions you hope are wrong, a crazy fairy threatening to kill Morgan, blood, sweat, tears, usual high school drama. Now something h Cam and Morgan have been together as long as either of them can remember. She just wasn’t rairy likable. Hello, complicated teenage angst. Want to Read saving….