8 Results The Mithraic Liturgy, Clergy and Devotees by Franz Cumont (). The Mysteries of Mithra by Franz Cumont (). CUMONT, FRANZ. Franz Valèry Marie Cumont (–) was a Belgian historian of religions, as well as a philologist, archaeologist, and epigraphist. Oriental Religions in Roman Paganism, by Franz Cumont, at

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Cumont’s works on Julian include Recherches sur la tradition manuscrite des lettres de l’empereur Cumknt ; with Joseph Bidez, Imp. These religions, he asserts, gave greater satisfaction first, to the senses and passions, secondly, to the intelligence, finally, and above all, to the conscience.

The very existence of such Hellenized magi remains doubtful however: Learn More in these related Britannica articles: Learn more at Author Central. The notes to the fourth edition Paris, ; repr.

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Encyclopædia Iranica

Cumont is an interpreter. His point of view was obviously that of a classicist who did not always have firsthand knowledge of the different aspects of the “Orient. This work is related to a great philological enterprise that Cumont began in Ancient Cranz religion, diverse beliefs and practices of the culturally and linguistically related group of ancient peoples who inhabited the Iranian plateau and its borderlands, as well as areas of Central Asia from the Cumonr Sea to Khotan modern Hotan, China.

Though Cumont’s work had a deep influence on the next generations, his vision must be revisited. If this formulation of pagan doctrine surprises those who have been told that paganism was “a fashion rather than a faith,” and are accustomed to think of it in terms of Jupiter and Juno, Venus and Mars, and the other empty, cold, and formalized deities that have so long filled literature and art, it will be because they have failed to take into account that between Augustus and Constantine three hundred years elapsed, and are unfamiliar with the very natural fact that during all that long period the character of paganism was gradually undergoing change and growth.


The few specialists in ancient religions may indeed sail smoothly in the current of his thought; but the very nature of a subject which ramifies so extensively and so intricately into the whole of ancient life, concerning itself with practically all the manifestations of ancient civilization. September 11 attacks, series of airline hijackings and suicide attacks committed in by 19 militants….

Internet URLs are the best. It had out of its own strength laid out the ways by which it advanced to lose itself in the arms of Christianity, and to recognize this does not mean to minimize the significance of Christianity. Nonetheless, Cumont’s Les religions orientales dans le paganisme romain remains a fundamental step in the history of ancient religions.

Oriental Religions in Roman Paganism: Introduction: The Significance of Franz Cumont’s Work

Cumobt contrast to the cold and formal religions of Rome, the Oriental faiths, with their hoary traditions and basis of science and culture, their fine ceremonial, the excitement attendant on their mysteries, their deities with hearts of compassion, their cultivation of the social bond, their appeal to conscience and their promises of purification and reward in a future life, were personal rather than civic, and satisfied the individual soul.

Cumont bequeathed his archive and rich library, in which the history of religions and the sciences were especially well represented, to the Belgian Academy in Rome. cjmont

From the knowledge that the desire to get right with God–the common and essential element in all religions–has been the most universal and the most potent and persistent factor in past history, it is not far to the conviction that it will always continue to be so, and that the struggle toward the ucmont light of religion pure and undefiled will never perish from the earth.


The Doctrine of the Mithraic Mysteries. Their Astrology and Religion. Mysteries Of Mithra May 19, To what was due this change in the content of the pagan ideal, so great that the phraseology in which the ideal is described puts us in mind of Christian doctrine itself? Home Environment Encyclopedias almanacs transcripts and maps Cumont, Franz.

Cumont’s contribution to knowledge, and above all, to life, that these brief words of introduction are undertaken. With such a conception of latter-day paganism, we may more easily understand franzz strength and the bitter rivalry between it and the new faith, as well as the facility with which pagan society, once its cause was proved hopeless, turned to Christianity.

He was a member of most of the European academies. Such persons–if there are. Zenne River, a small tributary of the Schelde French: In this work Cumont underlines the importance of astrological determinism and its consequences on the religious conceptions of the soul’s destiny and of its afterlife journey. His perseverance in the accurate collection of material is equalled only by his power to see the real nature and effect of the religions of which he writes.

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Cumont and others in the field of the ancient Oriental religions is not an isolated activity, but part of a larger intellectual movement.