Free Essay: Henry Tam and the MGI Team Case – Main Managerial Problem On the surface, the seven-member MGI team which comprised of Henry Tam and. Sep 7, Henry tam at mgi team. 1. 1 Prepared By: Dhiraj Meher Gennia Qasimi Raghav Kapoor Amit Chauhan Sheoli Bhattarcharya; 2. Evaluation. May 2, Executive Summary Henry Tam faced a difficult challenge as he began his business plan project with Music Games International (MGI).

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Alex believes the people are from different experiences and skill levels. We certainly think so and we recommend Henry to step up ans be a good team leader hejry the MGI team. However, it will be very hard to implement. The founders are all Russians who are trying to create, produce, and sell a unique computer-based music game where through the game play user can both learn and enjoy music.

Dana and Henry were the Americans and were looked as interns by Russian Sasha instead of team leaders. Additionally, Sash feels that they would set themselves for a failure since they have no interest in the education market or have the experience.

This is not a problematic situation; in tsam it could actually be advantageous.

The MGI Team meetings and discussion styles are not effective, failing to produce positive results. Following this, he should specify the short term and the long term goals and these should be specific and realistic.

Henry Tam & The MGI Team

Signs of An Effective Team The signs of an effective team are; 1 meet their objectives, 2 stay on schedule and 3 produce quality work and within an effective team, team members work well together, think the workload is fairly distributed and know they are all working toward the same goal [14].

Alex views the major difference or point of conflict as that between the creativity of Igor and Roman and business sense of Dana and Henry.

Hence when evaluating if the team’s differences was an asset or liability, we concluded that this team was a liability as they had not met the objectives, forgone the socio-emotional needs of the team and lacked signs of an effective team. This is something that should have been done at the formation of their group, so damage is already done. He has to step in to establish better management of agreements and build unity and encourage collaboration through supporting, empathizing, and harmonizing.


There was another composer who worked with us, but he left because he didn’t see a future in it. The founding members had knowledge in the music industry as well as product knowledge. During this stage, individuals begin to identify with hhe group members and with the group itself.

We were not even sure what we were selling. Henry needs to eliminate personality conflicts among the team, and get everyone to agree on a joint team decision.

Members are interested in getting to know each other and discovering what is considered accepted behavior in determining the real task of the group, and in determining group rules pg. All of us were happy to be working together and we were motivated, but certain allegiances cropped up, basically around HBS versus the Russians. The third strength identified was the complementary skill sets contributing from the various team members and their commitment to the business.

This stage of development represents the highly effective and efficient team functioning.

Henry Tam & the MGI Team by Samuel Pearson on Prezi

Tje Henry and Dana were under a lot of stress juggling this project in tandem with their taj work. Conflict builds as the team generates a range of ideas about how to market their product, but has trouble agreeing on which ideas to pursue.

To find out more, txm how to control cookies, see here: Sasha should try to accommodate his needs regarding group meetings and group activity. From the perspective of formal organisation, it was equally disastrous. Roman was not present in the first meeting, Alex was introduced in the second meeting and Dav was only introduced in the third meeting subsequently.

Further confusion added when Dav was introduced by Sasha to the team. In the next storming stage, we saw conflicting expectations, frustrations and a bit of confusion too.


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Henry Tam & The MGI Team

A group leader should guide the group to satisfy these criterions. Therefore, this will have mgii important but minimal impact. Therefore, time will be likely longer to reach the agreement. They shared a common bond ans would not easily been broken and they were always able to deal with their conflicts without jeopardizing their friendship.

The HOBS students believe that the product has a greater chance of success towards the education industry. Henry had doubts on Sasha’s intentions and wondered if both Dav and the HBS students were used as ploys to get into business contests.

Establish Meeting Agendas to maintain goal focus Rationale: Roman, Dav and Igor all tteam the heat of tension between Sasha and Dana. There is tension between him and the group. Dana was particularly upset with her conflicts with Sasha. Henry Tam wrestles with how to fix the problems that have hindered the team’s progress. This would cause the process to start all over again.

Teqm that Dana would present Sash would reject. Sasha similarly felt frustrated. This would set out to evoke greater meaning and deeper commitment among the team members.

The team heney wrought with high conflict, no decision-making and different task orientation hence the development of the business plan was way behind schedule.

However, according to Roman, education market is small in comparison to the entertainment market. Expectations and Boundaries must be set. The root cause is that they did not divide the task into sub tasks. Thus, members in the group may get confused and unclear with certain actions arise.

Was it a game? Based on the leadership styles, Henry was a team leader [16].