folded Outdoor Map of Oulanka National Park and its trails in scale , The Karhunkierros Trail Hiking Guide & Map. Karhunkierros Retkeilyopas & kartta. SAVILAMPI. KANJONIN KURKKAUS 6 KM. KARHUNKIERROS. KARHUNKIERROS. KARHUNKIERROS. VASAOJA. RUPAKIVI. 2,4 km. 1,0 km. 0 ,6 km. 1,6 km. Ruka-Kuusamon kartta, Pohjois-Eurooppa, Ruka, Kuusamo, Lappi, Suomi Airport Bus and Karhunkierros Bus is located near Pitäjän Pirtti and Stefan’s.

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Suitable for a one-day trip, the Pieni karhunkierros Trail is a small hiking trail midway of the Karhunkierros Trail. Karttakeskus Karhunkierros Hiking Guide.

Karhunkierros kartta pdf

Thanks to route alternatives, the trail is also suitable for day trips. Log in Kartts in Create new account. Or should I just hike the reverse? The top Finnish artists and the best party in the nights clubs of Ruka village. The most popular day hike trails are described also in a more detailed scale of 1: Race office karhunkierros kartta pdf.

Further information available from Ruka and Kuusamo Info. After 33 km, turn right, and after one kilometre, you’ll see the visitor centre by the road on the right. There is a sauna by the river, available for hikers.


Pieni Karhunkierros

From there, continue along Liikasenvaarantie for another m and turn left at the camping ground sign. Northern Finnish topographic maps for Garmin navigators. Karhunkierros Trail Taxi During summer there are special destination taxi’s from Kuusamo and Ruka for a smaller fare than in general.

Some national and international couriers provide delivery estimates.

Karhunkierros Trail

Only the message field is required, but remember to give your contact details if you would like a reply! The map is scaled at 1: How hard would you say the trail is?

Karhunkierros Trail Directions and Maps. All shipping times are estimated times of dispatch. Karrta are all kartya best! It is easiest to leave your car at Ruka and take a coach to the trail’s starting point.

The outdoor map Ruka Oulanka Karhunkierros 1: Ruka and Kuusamo on the map.

All the shops and restaurants at the street level in the village, creating a lively vibe. LiikasenvaarantieKuusamo Juuma parking karttta You should reserve 3 – 7 days for hiking the whole Karhunkierros Trail.


City Survivors Ruka 2 days, Fri 7. The Urriaavantie crossroads and all crossroads after it have signposts to the Oulanka Canyon.

Starting Points for Excursions Starting points for Trails. Other shipping time estimations, such as or days, indicate the product is not in stock and will have a longer dispatch time. Eastertime 4 days, Fri The shorter routes such as Pieni Karhunkierros and the Ristikallio route can easily be hiked in a day.

Continue for 13 km, and you will see the visitor centre just before the Oulankajoki bridge.

Included are the popular Karhunkierros Bear’s Trail Hiking Trail, Oulanka National Park, the hiking trails and cross-country ski trails in the vicinity of Ruka Resort and the inviting fishing spots of the River Kuusinkijoki.

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