Purchase Barix Annuncicom PS16 professional master paging station. Features: 16 programmable buttons; Built-in audio memory. Applications: Voice. PS16 Simple Paging Master- The Annuncicom PS16 for Simple Paging is an IP Audio device designed to serve as a Master Station between IP based VoIP. Product information for Standalone IP intercom and IP PA master station Barix Annuncicom PS16 manufactured by Barix AG. Provided by AV-iQ.

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Please Visit their website for further information. Lutron Electronics Company, Inc.

Posh Speaker Systems, U2 Inc. Barix Annuncicom – Network intercom and PA component with supervised contact closure inputs and relays, balanced audio interfaces and redundant supervised Ethernet and power connections.

Barix IP Networked Audio solutions provide quick and easy setup, operation over your existing network, flexibility, and easy reconfiguration. Antrica Division of Zilica Ltd. Astatic Commercial Audio Products. Intelligent Solutions designed for a Networked World. Go Professional Cases, Inc. Indu-Electric North America, Inc. Inquiry type Training inquiry.

Aputure Imaging Industries Co. Pragmatic Communications Systems, Inc. Shenzhen Top Technology, Co. Multiple entries to be separated by. Barix Exstreamer Store an The Barix Simple Paging Solution delivers crisp and clear Public Address announcements in specific zones or throughout your facility.


End user organisation name. Lightking Optoelectronics Tech Group. Littlite – CAE, Inc. Beijing Feiyashi Technology Development Co. The PS16 can be extended to up to keys using available key extension modules which can be attached mechanically and electrically secure.

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PS16 Simple Paging Master

Value added – 35 years of excellence Advice – Our qualified and experienced sales team provide advice based on their many years of experience within the video industry.

Functionality and ease-of-use at its best – from Barix, the voice of simplicity.

Credit Card details saved successfully. Request more information from the following dealers:. Pakedge Device and Software. Are you sure you want to change region? Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems, Inc.

Intelligent Lecterns Systems BV. Hitachi Software Engineering America, Ltd. Now you can connect buildings and facilities without any changes to your existing infrastructure and save time and money in the process. Blonder Tongue Laboratories, Inc.

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Hikvision Digital Technology Co. Annuncicom PS16 Keyboard Extension. SmartMetals Mounting Solutions B.


Danley Sound Labs, Inc. Bosch Conferencing and Public Address Systems. Due to the built-in intelligence and full programmability, the station can be used as a master station for IP based intercom and paging systems, which can be built without any central servers or PCs. Toner Cable Equipment, Inc. With 16 buttons, each with individual LED indicators, expandable to buttons, and a 2-line LCD display, the PS16 is a suitable master station for high quality IP Intercom and paging applications without the need for PCs or server software.

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Barix Annuncicom PS16

A Solid State Logic Company. For high availability applications, a second network connection and separate power input are available. With automatic discovery and self configuration, installation and expansion of the system is a cinch! Returns Annncicom – Unlike many resellers, OneVideo will deal with returns on your behalf should your product develop a fault.

Add paging stations and zones, authorize iDevices as your needs to expand the system emerge.