A multipurpose tree with edible and medicinal uses, as well as a host of other applications such as oil, agroforestry, insecticide and timber. It is harvested from. Preferred Scientific Name; Azadirachta excelsa. Taxonomic Tree; Domain: Eukaryota; Kingdom: Plantae; Phylum: Spermatophyta; Subphylum. The best-known species of the genus Azadirachta (family Meliaceae) is A. indica (Indian neem tree). There are at least two other congeneric species in.

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Thesis, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Serdang. In a years-old plantation at Bukit Lagong Forest Reserve, Selangor, which was once left unmanaged for a few years, Ahmad Zuhaidi and Weinland reported a mean height of If you excesa like to support this site, please consider Donating. Init was estimated that more than 5, ha of A. The plantation in Johore is located about 9 km south of Labis town 2 o 21’N and o 02’E.

The texture is slightly coarse and uneven; the grain straight to interlocked.

Table 4 shows the coefficients of correlation between growth parameters and soil properties. Information on growth under different management regime and establishment methods and different sites are needed for A.

Particle-size analysis was determined using the pipette method. The level and type of fertilizer applied and the methods of reducing nutrient loss are among the factors that need to be taken into consideration when managing site productivity of A. Abdul Latib Senin for the technical help. Crop response to lime in the southern United States. It is harvested from the wild, mainly for local use, but the timber is traded. Jugah Kadir Email address: However, the potential impact caused by different site management practices on yield and over successive rotations is unknown.


The poor growth could be due to shallow soil on steep slopes wzadirachta in turn contribute to a restricted volume for root growth and subsequently the lower availability of water and nutrients. Mohamed Yusof Yaacob excflsa Mr. Azadirachta excelsa should not be planted on steep slope with shallow soils as growth will be restricted.

The plantation was established following clear cutting of two rotations of rubber in March This Meliaceae -related article is a stub.

A note on Azadirachta excelsa: The wood is light in weight to medium-weight, non-durable to moderately durable. However, the species was reported to perform poorly on N and P deficient soils Ongunder shade Sofiawater stress Jerry and on compacted soils Jusnani The bark is pinkish grey or pinkish brown.

Two small branches on upper canopy of each tree were collected. On the other hand, foliar concentration of Ca was significantly correlated with all the growth parameters whilst P was positively correlated with height and volume. Ong Tai Hock, Mr.

Some effects of site on the growth of Azadirachta excelsa (Jack) Jacobs in Peninsular Malaysia

It can be downloaded as a PDF document from the Internet. The specific epithet excelsa azadirzchta from the Latin meaning “lofty”. Last update on However, there is relatively little information on A. Azadirachta excelsa Scientific classification Kingdom: Retrieved 7 February The relationship between site characteristics and Pinus radiata growth on the Tsitsikama plateau, South Africa.

Thus, the objective of this study was to examine how the growth of A. Potassium, Mg and Ca in the digest were determined by atomic absorption spectrophotometry. Azadirachta excelsa Jack Jacobs [1]. The volume calculation formula was obtained from 42 harvested trees Ong, unpublished data.


Azadirachta excelsa

Comments have to be approved before they are shown azadirachra. Effect of varying aluminium concentration at constant pH. Seedlings can be transferred into large polypots 5 x 8 cm when two pairs of leaves have developed.

Future wood-based industry and wood supply scenario. Colorimetric determination of phosphorus in soil and plant materials with ascorbic acid.

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Weeds were cleared by herbicide application each time before fertilization, leaving no ground cover for most of the time. When considered together, foliar concentration of Ca for dbh also had some influence on tree growth. Liming or ashing maybe needed to increase the soil pH and so lower the concentration of azadirachtx Al which maybe toxic to plants.

The increments in growth parameters were similar to those reported by Zulkifli and Yahaya for a trial at Relai Forest Reserve, Kelantan. From the above relationships, it can be seen that the soil characteristics exelsa best explain the differences in growth are slope for height and volume and K for dbh. At 38 months, A. Concentrations of N, P, K and Mg in the foliage were sufficient for tree growth. Prefers a pH in the range 5 – 6. Use of fertilizers in the area under the previous crop Adams, and the high rainfall could have resulted in the low pH.

Fertilizer application rate g tree