Dec 18, This page contains a thumbnail guide to all of the illustrations in the Toaru Majutsu no Index series by volume. Oct 30, October 13, — Index SS: Norse Mythology — Completed. October 15, — Railgun SS2: Shopping Mall Demonstration — Completed. Baka-Tsuki (BT) is a fan translation community that hosts translations for light novels in the Wiki format. Founded in by Thelastguardian (初代 – ).

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That made this simple. The top half of someone hung out of the partially opened door and onto the brick-like road surface. He stood there blankly for a bit, but Komoe-sensei finally started saying something while trembling.

Since they are separate from Baka-Tsuki itself, please contact the creators directly if you encounter any problems or issues. Maybe I should try making some long distance attacks.

Baka-Tsuki | Toaru Majutsu no Index Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

These are novel-length side stories published separately from the main series. In order to create one piece of magic, Stiyl had two or three different spells prepared. It was not due to something as trivial as that.

It appeared to be some kind of viscous bakq and the smell of melted plastic floated in the air. All terminologies, character information, and other series details are hosted on this wiki.

At any rate, they were focused on us and did not notice everything. They were a group of savages who acted tshki intellectuals and they were often criticized as not even being magicians because they abandoned all thought and tried to make everything work by brute force.


Cold Game December 27,Special novel bundled with the February issue of Dengeki Daioh marking the publication of the th Railgun manga chapter. He was aiming for the dirt in the ground. She had cast aside the perfectly prepared script and had instead used her instinct and sharp eye to see what the audience wanted. The sound was much greater and more inexplicable than the one from the flame sword in his own hand.

This Project has been declared as Abandoned! I now have the epitaph fragment and the remains of Patricia.

Even if he has gained the power of the Dvergr, that is not enough to completely decide things here. It was a small room that was likely used to store ttsuki supplies.

Few records mentioned runes being used in Alaska. A pale light showing some magical phenomenon had occurred could be seen in the darkness. There is a small chance you might be able to even save that pathetic magician.

Excluding special exceptions such as Saints, the use of magic had nothing to do with genetic characteristics. A lot of it is found in malt and I believe it reflects a yellow light when it receives txuki UV rays in the darkness. He started looking around for a better place to fight.

It was the symbol of his life as he had deemed it worthy to dedicate his life to. The techniques of the Dvergr would destroy the current society and create a new order.


If Stiyl had used Patricia as a shield, he might have had a bit of trouble dealing with it, but luckily Stiyl had not opted to do so. He carried a number of different devices with him, but the phone ringing could only be accessed by the Anglican Church.

She can really cry when she gets going.

Toaru Majutsu no Index:NT Volume21 Illustrations

In truth, it is difficult to call the coloration effect of vitamin B2 a purely magical method. This hand connects to a wavering heart and acts as the key to open that door.

His clothes were burned in places and the melted fibers must have stuck to his skin because his skin had discolorations that did not look quite like dark stains or burns. As Richard produced such massive flames, it may have been absolutely necessary for him.

The three of them turned around. She then held it out toward Stiyl. The cabals produced by that were known as Golden-style cabals. That overwhelming whirl of flames appeared in order to save the girl who had wandered into the world of magic. Her weapon of choice is a Friuli Spear used in conjunction with steel wires similar to Kanzaki.

If a group was going to rob a bank, they would divide up the roles.

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