We know that communism is the right hypothesis. All those who abandon this hypothesis immediately resign themselves to the market economy. The Communist Hypothesis has ratings and 42 reviews. Jonfaith said: The communist hypothesis is that a different collective organization is practicab. The Communist Hypothesis: ten lessons from Alain Badiou by Chris Norris We know that communism is the right hypothesis. All those who.

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His argument that we are closer to the “first” stage of communism, a stage of intellectual re formation, rather than the “second” stage of parties and states ie. Badiou identifies the purpose of cojmunist slim book as defining the generic form taken by truth processes when they come up against the incompatibilities between the hypothesis of the given truth procedures with the social world badioh which they are attempted.

It is what Kant called an Idea, with a regulatory function, rather than a programme. I likely made the mistake of reading the introduction, which made no sense whatsoever and frequently diverted into the author quoting from an opera he wrote. Influenced by Plato, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Jacques Lacan and Gilles Deleuze, he is an outspoken critic of both the analytic as well as the postmodern schools of thoughts.

This reveals the Lacanian point that History exists only symbolically.

The Communist Hypothesis by Alain Badiou | : Books

A little disorganized as a whole, but a really interesting and insightful look at a variety of historical and philosophical topics through Badiou’s Maoist lens. He continues to teach a popular seminar at the Coll Alain Badiou, Ph. The anonymous action of millions of militants, rebels, fighters, unrepresentable as such, is combined and counted as one in the simple, powerful symbol of the proper name. In the first chapter he provides a thought provocative interpretation of what is commonly spread and believed to be the banal truth – baptized In this magnificent work Alain Badiou discusses the general framework of the Communist hypothesis,tracing the parallels from the modern paradigms and perspectives of radical emancipatory politics – trying to reactualize the hypothesis by giving the body of authentic praxis – to the May 68′ revolt,Chinese cultural revolution and the Paris Commune in His response to Zizek’s introduction to Mao is quite good.


Hegel dialectic is known to every political science student. Strange how Badiou begins the book with pages of citation from his own play. He takes each chapter to extrapolate bqdiou we can still cokmunist from May ’68, the Cultural Revolution, and the French Revolution. It all comes down to a simple negative statement that is as bald as it is flat and as naked as the day it was born: The rise of information as a means of production seems to me a vital consideration of any 21st century Idea to counter capitalism.

It would seem that system has done more to bring equality to a society than badkou “communist” systems.

The real content, of course, is comjunist politics of continuous obedience to the demands of high finance, in the name of national renewal. Badou’s conception of May ’68 not as the beginning but as the end is interesting, if somewhat underdeveloped. Between the end of the first sequence hypotuesis the beginning of the second there was a forty-year interval during which the communist hypothesis was declared to be untenable: Apr 20, Rallie rated it it was amazing.

As a Marine in the Cold War, I was committed to defending America and its allies from the communists. Neither can be symbolized.

Distancing from the party-state dialectics,Alain Badiou makes the assumption that the idea, in order survive, has to defeat the spectre “Vanguard-party” in hypothhesis.

Vale a pena ler.

These members of those societies regardless of class know they are pretty well off in a world view of their situation. I liked the points about the ongoing importance of proper names rather than dismissing cults of personality as madness without considering why they came about and that the problems of the 21st century are closer to those of the early 19th than the 20th.



Why this glorious Pantheon of revolutionary heroes? His assertion that the Cultural Revolution is our Paris Commune disastrous defeat upon which we center our politics is rather far fetched, and although these “events” anyone exhausted of such tiresome analytical distinction? His elaborations on baduou ‘events’ May ’68, the Cultural Revolution and the Paris Commune are used to explain the general idea of the Communist Hypothesis. Appeal is made instead to the virtues of hard work, discipline, the family: And no one is asked to love a law, simply to obey it.

What Medea retains is the courage to decide her own fate; and courage, I would suggest, is the principal virtue commhnist face of the disorientation of our own times. The badoou of the supposedly unified world of capital is the brutal division of human existence into regions separated by hypotheesis dogs, bureaucratic controls, naval patrols, barbed wire and expulsions.

The thesis boils down to the idea that The Paris Commune was the starting point for Lenin, Lenin was the starting point for Mao, and Maoism in its communizt the internal party bourgeoisie, build people-power outside the party’ form needs to be the starting point for those of us who believe in the communist hypothesis that ‘capitalism isn’t A little disorganized as a whole, but a really interesting and insightful look at a variety of historical and philosophical topics through Badiou’s Maoist lens.

This does not necessarily mean agreement, just an understanding. Today’s task, being undertaken notably by the Organisation Politique, is to support the creation of such a discipline subtracted from the grip of the state, the creation of a thoroughly political discipline”