The Cosmotheism Trilogy was put together in a series of pamphlets in the s and s by Dr. William Luther Pierce Founder of. Read “The Cosmotheism Trilogy” by William Luther Pierce with Rakuten Kobo. Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate content. Save. For Later. save. Related.

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Just read the wikipedia summary of “The Turner Diaries.

Cosmotheism Trilogy – The Savoisien

No, cancel Yes, report it Thanks! His middle name tells the story, he is a second generation bigot. It gives the impression that the guy was a second rate Cosmotheiem. God hears him alright but I wouldn’t count on His reaction being favorable. But were you aware that author William Luther Pierce also invented his own religion to accompany his propaganda? Chi ama i libri sceglie Kobo e inMondadori. In fact, Cosmotheists acknowledge that an understanding of ourselves and other living beings is impossible without accepting and understanding evolution.

Pierce and others on Cosmotheism and related concepts some are excerpts: These people are ready for Cosmotheism. And not just a religion, but the religion of the future, a religion which will supplant all others.

You know there were some parents in Ohio who got their children removed from the home in part because their son was named Adolph Hitler Whatever their last name. And Cosmotheism is a fit religion for heroes. External links Twitter Facebook Triloty.

They are social and community-minded; they are the opposite of anti-social. I was more into Abbie Hoffman and his book: And Cosmotheism will prevail because it will be the religion of a new people who, as a result of following its precepts, will branch off from the rest of humanity — even from the race from which they sprang — and form a new race, ultimately a new species, compared to which the others will be but unconscious beings.



This page was last modified on 30 Novemberat But his acknowledged mistake was in thinking that bringing together people who agreed triloogy us on such issues was enough to build our organization and usher in the new world we dream of. Cosmotheism teaches, and I believe, that we have no greater moral duty than to ensure that the race most fit, by its high intelligence and unique creativity, to ascend to conscious evolution and beyond — the race which can advance that evolution both farthest and soonest, and is thus more likely to avoid devolution, dead ends, cosmic catastropheand a lifeless Universe — the race which discovered the evolutionary and Cosmotheist principles — our race, the White race — is the one which takes that step.

So also with the laws of evolution and biology, physics and cosmology.

American Dissident Voices broadcast of July 19, http: Wave of the Future. Now I won’t go looking for non-existent bugs in my system!

Free eBook Add to My Books. To the Cosmotheist, Nature is God. Join your hands with ours and build that new world in the only possible way it can be tri,ogy. Every environment harboring life forms must change, simply because of their existence, so evolution is the only way life forms can persist through time.


This new stage has come only recently, when European man first grasped the concept of evolution, and discovered the principles of genetics and heredity. Pierce did talk about such issues, even in his later years, and we do still talk about such cosmotheismm today. And again thanks for dealing with Clint. Ratings and Reviews 0 0 star ratings 0 reviews. And science, logic, observation, reason, and the deepest stirrings of our race-soul are the means of apprehending God — not the ravings of ancient Semitic cutthroats, carpet-dealers, and con men or the poetry and verses they stole from their more accomplished neighbors.


Texts relevant to Cosmotheism: Cosmotheism will prevail because it is the inevitable truth toward which all other streams of knowledge are converging. You’ve successfully reported this review. And since the supply of such groups vastly exceeds the cos,otheism, membership collapsed. I could not get his picture to load though? Unless explicitly noted otherwise, all content licensed as indicated by RationalWiki: We are all about having fun here obviously you are incapable of understanding humor.

I sleep better at csomotheism Knowing that the “Grecian” is protecting the site from the meth induced rantings of Clint and his ilk! I added the following links to the article.

Can we urge you to tell? This program is partly based on my appreciation of Dr. I tried reading that drivel but got bogged down with the “Self-Creator” idea. The men and women with a fire in their souls, with a deep understanding of who we are and what must benever lost faith.

Griffin the biography of William Luther Piece. I didn’t know that the Universe has an “Urge”. You submitted the following rating and review. It is the stage of conscious evolution — of the ability of living beings to direct, and triloogy accelerate, the future course of their own evolution. Racism Books Conspiracy Theories and Theorists. You need to coskotheism out some august body entombed within the hallowed halls of higher education if you dare aspire to such heights with such a poor offering of common sense you’ve, thus far, exhibited.

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