One Second After has ratings and reviews. Timmy said: 5 things I hated about One Second After – 1. Every important adult male character. Apr 26, The Paperback of the One Second After (John Matherson Series #1) by William R . Forstchen at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or. Jan 12, One Second After. William R. Forstchen, Author, Newt Gingrich, Foreword by. Forge $ (p) ISBN

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The widowed father of two daughters, Elizabeth and Jennifer, and a collegiate professor, Matherson is well-respected within the community.

Do you people actually KNOW anyone on welfare? Until then, every moment that it takes to stop and think, is a moment lost. On multiple occasions through I didn’t enjoy this book at all. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The possibility of a future EMP event has resonated with millions of people in America and around the globe, because the results would be devastating. While some are only using the programs to get a handle on unforeseen circumstances, too many see it as a way of life that is reflected in all aspects of their lives.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. There are many embarrassing typos, grammar and punctuation errors scattered throughout the copy I read. View Full Version of PW.

I had read Patriots first and agree that the scenario there would be much less difficult than an EMP. If an EMP happens, he will have to walk down 15 flights to the street level with his bike to ride home.


They are nothing but deathtraps in a grid-down scenario. I read this without expecting much.

It was almost like reading a briefing note, or an informative pamphlet. I thought, if this is a major cyber-attack that will affect banking, the military, transportation, etc. LIke anything else in life, you get what you pay for.

Go 2 days without food and by the third, you’d crawl through broken glass to fill your belly. Mar 29, Mark Moore rated it really liked it. I keep telling my parents that I refuse to take any trips that are more than a few hours of driving from my home, period, and it’s exactly because of the difficulty of getting back.

One Second After – Wikipedia

It will be vital to process and accept reality as quickly as possible. The consequences of an EMP electromagnetic pulse attack covered quite well by David Brin in The Postman back inwith a better story.

Small nuclear bombs launched just above the atmosphere send an electromagnetic pulse escond utterly and irreversibly destroys the electrical grid and ever electrical device in the US. They are not cheap, but consider how valuable it would be then — and how enjoyable it is now to take a ride to the grocery store.

They haven’t survived hundreds of years by being stupid.

I, too, just read the book and about a dozen other similar ones. First, it is obvious that the author modeled the protagonist after himself.

One Second After

Matherson, along with a few others, try their best to maintain a balance between the multiple necessities of rationing scarce resources, maintaining law and order in addition to individual freedom, as well as personal responsibility and moral behavior in the midst of deeply deteriorating physical and social conditions. Let’s just say that my eyes got all their rolling exercise in for this month in one big go. History professor John Matherson, who lives with his two daughters in a small North Carolina town, soon figures out what has happened.


The story takes place in a mountain town in NC. Nov 24, Winston Smith rated it did not like it. There are too many misconceptions out there about EMP… They would not magically destroy all things electronic… Like any power surge.

15 Things I learned from One Second After & My Survival Tips – Survival Mom

Here are just a few things that stuck with me after reading One Second After and pondering how it would affect me, personally, and ideas for preparing for such an event. In a true end of the world scenario, stocking up on food will be viewed as hoarding and susceptible to confiscation. After researching the history of other countries who faced collapse like Argentina, Zimbabwe, Soviet Union, and even as far back as Germany, it’s clear America is on the same track.

Well, everyone has their hobby horse.