The Fat Duck Cookbook has ratings and 23 reviews. ^ said: Here is a book for and of the alpha-fe/male; a clear statement of status, of pecking-order. Nobody goes to Heston Blumenthal’s restaurant because they are feeling a bit peckish (though it happens that a visit to the Fat Duck will sate. The Big Fat Duck Cookbook by Heston Blumenthal, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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In the index to large pages, there is no mention of that staple of the Western world: An interesting new development in cookery. Looking for beautiful books? And that, finally, is the point of this book: Oct 02, Penguin Random House Canada rated it it was amazing. He even has a dedicated experimental kitchen where he collaborates with academics to develop new flavour combinations and techniques.

It’s admirable, but ultimately a bit wearing. Heston has opened the door to science and technology, while keeping his traditional cooking roots and making way for Duck-out only if you dare! One of the most interesting and intensive cookbooks I’ve read.

Lists with This Book. Life can be wonderful. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

The Fat Duck Cookbook

Hardcoverpages. It was high time for Blumenthal to do his. A brilliant move to include these. These recipes are staggeringly long, involve fiendishly expensive pieces of equipment, are extraordinarily detailed and are probably, for the home cook, completely unmanageable, but that’s to miss the point.

Jul 10, jennifer marked it as to-read Shelves: From this, it will become clear that I am an unabashed, wet-lipped, tongue-lolling fan of Blumenthal’s. Heston is a genius, very tenacious to the extreme which lead ft his own very success! It’s here you are forced to either admire Blumenthal or shake your head at cookbokk excesses of his fastidious fascination with food chemistry. Those wrong-headed, appetite-challenged killjoys who are suspicious of what Blumenthal does will regard this as an unfortunate cookgook.

Is this book about day to day nutritional survival, answering that thorny question. Blumenthal’s journey is an interesting read in itself, although he gives away little of himself.


The Fat Duck Cookbook: Heston Blumenthal: Bloomsbury Publishing

I may not cook any recipes in here in their entirety, but I’ve already taken a few of the ideas and used them in my cooking.

It might not be my style of food, but it is amazing to read about his story.

A whole hell of a lot of fun, b If you don’t know Heston Blumenthal, check him out. Did the Great Duck himself find the spine of his copy of this book, front and back, breaking in the same manner as mine? Jun 10, Lana rated it liked it. I think after a few weeks I’ll probably go back to it and pick through those lavishly presented pages with a few too many baldy Blumenthal cartoons and photos, IMHO to plunder them for the odd idea or two.

On the second day of opening the oven exploded, and Heston spent the rest of service with a bag of frozen peas on his head. The pants are still there for the chucking. Truely a sight to behold.

Stock-up too on skimmed milk powder, tartaric acid, and cryogenically frozen foie gras. Other books on the subject of cookery pale and crumble into insignificance; excepting those authored by the Magi: Then too there are lovely illustrations by Dave McKean.

It’s amazing food, but after consuming this blumentha, visually, I’m actually not sure it’s for me.

There are an awful lot of sub-standard, badly written and untested recipes hesotn cookbooks out there on the open market; poised to sabotage the unwary purchaser. In the first section of The Fat Duck Cookbookwe learn the history of the restaurant, from its humble beginnings to its third Michelin star the day Heston received the news of this he had been wondering how exactly he would be able to pay his staff that month.

You go for green tea and vodka palate-cleansers ‘cooked’ in liquid nitrogen, or snail porridge coo,book colour of grass clippings, for sardine on toast ice cream or a dessert made of all the things you’d have for breakfast including smoky bacon ice cream.


Jan 20, Alexander McNabb rated it really liked it. Many full pages carry artful illustration; many are filled by the cameraman. It’s obsession that permeates this book, the product of a meticulous mind that seems to combine drive and determination with an alarming passion for detail. The Fat Duck Cookbook includes recipes, but of course they’re the ones used at the Fat Duck, with all the esoteric ingredients and high tech equipment required.

He sold his car to fund his neston to France to eat at blumethal tables of the great and glorious, but nowhere tells us what his long-suffering wife’s reaction to his obsession with food was. Appropriately, the book of the restaurant is very much more than a compendium of things hestob can do with interesting ingredients and nice bits of kit.

I wouldn’t let that stop you buying it and plunging into the visually explosive world of Heston Blumenthal, tye it’s certainly breathtaking.

Erica rated it it was amazing Jan 28, Apr 23, Louise Davy rated it really liked it Shelves: With the red wine mayonnaise, and the dat brunoise, but I lacked something for the mustard ice cream and made a mustard cream instead. I think it started to ‘lose’ me when a recipe for a flavoured mayonnaise called for 36g of egg yolks.

N obody goes to Heston Blumenthal’s restaurant because they are feeling a bit peckish though cookkbook happens that a visit to the Fat Duck will sate your hunger. Part I, History Heston’s improbable background and the unorthodox path he took to acheive his goal; his early ideas and early days running The Fat Duck, as well as his philosophy for what a food should be hheston what a chef’s responsibility is in forwarding cuisine.

How did he come up with the idea to open The Fat Duck? What book made him fascinated with cooking and the idea of opening a restaurant?