Despite the oppression of women in Egypt, El Saadawi attended The University of Cairo, graduating with a degree in psychiatry; Her radical. In Camera has 43 ratings and 6 reviews. Andrew said: El Saadawi’s In Camera is prime 20th century Dehumanization literature. The book shows the oppress. Between these two stories “In Camera” by Nawal EL Saadawi and “Punishment” by Rabbindranath Tagore, there are many similarities and differences. First.

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If she had been a man, he would not be suffering now the way he was. Newer Post Older Post Home. The former from Lebanon and the latter from Egypt. Daniela rated it it was amazing Dec 28, To desensitize herself from the situation. As if to say the only good thing about having a girl is the value of her physical beauty.

How did you do on your camerw And I think that is what make people great. Women are not honored, nor allowed to speak their mind in this oppressing society.

There was also a feeling of dread when you realized she would go through more torture upon being taken back and having the judges around her make it a closed hearing. The protagonist is in trouble for insulting the king and she is not found of his to say the least.

The weakened position of women is to be expected, reinforced by, in this case, the Arabic social and cultural norms and therefore, only men had the right to express themselves politically. She now works as a writer, psychiatrist and activist.

At other places iot can come camefa a very heavy price. This reveals that how unfair the government could be.


“In Camera” By Nawal El Saadawi by Callie Varra on Prezi

Hi there, Your blog post was very interesting to read. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Jonathan Alba rated it liked it Jul 01, The main character was abused and did not treat well based on the text where it says that she is thirsty and still can csmera the wounds in her.

It captures the essence of what the Egyptian government prioritized and valued, males. My friend, I understand the story better after reading your post. Nawal El Saadawi Arabic: This right here is the reason they must go all the way to the city for a women only swimming pool as well. Human will simply be a machine. Yet, society sees her as the criminal and not the cameta. Saadawi demonstrates gender discrimination with this story, in which women are relegated to secondary status, and such governmental status quo is still to be found in the current civilization.


In Camera – A Study of World Literature

His thoughts sum up how entirely backwards this patriarchal society is, for instead of feeling pity for his daughter like any caring father would, he is ashamed of her. Apr 15, Kelsey rated it really liked it. Amara rated it it was ok Dec 08, I hope to update more over the summer to help assist others in your shoes. Her immense awareness and cognitive comprehension of the wrong-doings of the political scene are strong, even though her senses and her body are weak like an animal The fact that her vision was taken from her, being encased in a dense fog, attempting to find her parents through sniffing around for their ell The value of women is no more than an expectation of serving as camerz housewife, and obey and respect her husband.


Mitch rated it it was amazing Apr 17, Caroline Blakeman rated it really liked it Nov 02, It is horrible that in some parts of the world women are still being treated this way.

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Michelle Roan rated it it was amazing Aug 04, Nov 15, Andrew Arias rated it really liked it. Inhowever, she lost her job in the Egyptian government as a result of political pressure.

This shows in the way she writes about more political issues, often criticizing governments. Her saqdawi novel Memoirs of a Woman Doctor was published in Cairo in Refresh and try again.

I now appreciate so much the freedom of speech I have knowing it is not so free to say anything you want. Both Leila, the protagonist, and her mother, in a supporting role, serve as representations of women in this society who have no voice.

Thank you for opening up and giving us a real world and personal response to the reading. Politics, my girl, is not for women and girls.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. There is no need for Leila and other abused victims to feel like animals. Her humanity stripped from her, trying to call for water but having lost sl voice.