JBL 2416 PDF

JBL 2416 PDF

Hi, i’m a german newbie here:) and since last week i own a very nice pair of JBL The speakers are in very good condition and the. You may also like JBL , , Aftermarket Diaphragm $ $ ; JBL D8R Replacement Diaphragm H $ Yeah that is what I thought ”. Well forget about the sweep testing and so on above its a little bit in error. I just done some multiple.

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Good question Speak of the devil?

The DC resistance of an 8 ohm H or H1 is 3. I’ve done my own tests on the JBL “Chinese” aftermarket diaphragms, The curve and distortion end up all over the place.

I have never seen ferrofluid in any JBL drivers, including the ones I have that the diaphragms are labelled H It appears they will, but are there any other smaller details for me to be aware of?

There was nothing on the inside of the diaphragm. Now i read about the replacing Radian drivers with aluminium diaphragm and Mylar surrounding. This page was generated in 0. I wonder, did the early model ‘s have H drivers in them? I can’t speak for the dates or original diaphragms on my drivers, as all of mine were bought used.

However, the dome of the phase plug is not as high as the previous models, and the diaphragm is built to match- it will not fit on H drivers because the phase plug of the sits too high.


I will start a thread on the project and the listening tests when I get the drivers back and start on the project after the New Year. So he covered the little hole on the back site of the diaphragm.

Ok, thank you Rudyi think you’re right. What the actual impedance is over the frequency range is another matter. Hi, i’m a german newbie here and since last week i own jhl very nice pair of JBL Now it’s obvious I have too much time to waste at work on a Friday morning finally, the question to be asked: Does it have a breather hole in it? All these seem like measures to cut back on production costs more than anything else I frequently recommend the alumnium replacements from Radian.

That farting sound you heard was probably the diaphragm crashing into the phase plug. Last Jump to page: Started now finding loads of JBL cabs using this h driver crossed over at anything from 1. Notengewirr, are you satisfied with the refoam Happy new year to all, Guido. Ok, then JBL must have jlb the crossovers for these early Versions here is a pic from my crossover: I can’t imagine an aftermarket diaphragm sounding anywhere near right in a -but they “fit”.

JBL Questions : JBL H vs. RAdian

Originally Posted by notengewirr. Those “aftermarket” diaphragms that claim to fit, and drivers, are correct only in that they don’t hit the phase plug, but that is it.

Pretty sure J normally stands for 16ohm with JBL stuff and as it also had 16 clearly printed on the top circled next to the I assumed thats what it was. Hi, today i swapped back to my original titanium D8R From my newbie eye, I see the has a more substantial magnet, and the diaphragm assembly is located in a recess London and Birm Status: It fits perfectly,so i don’t worry about.


JBL 2416H-1 High Frequency Driver

I haven’t actually seen my pair of Radians ‘s yet, as they are with a fellow LHS member who received, installed, and ran F. This weekend i will measure the DC of my friend Driver too.

I also own 4 H drivers, and it’s phase plug has radial slits. Speak of the devil and the devil shows up!

Specs for JBL 1″ HF driver – Forums

Last edited by notengewirr; at Radian He did a little tweaking on one of the Radian-equipped drivers and got rid of that dip in the 5. There is no difference in performance. Jbbl Brochure posted on jblpro. Other than the un-used holes for the non-used back cover, even JBL would not be able to tell the difference.

The Radian diaphragms don’t need this hole ,because the Mylar surround is perforated. By timc in forum General Audio Jbp. Top end is similar the Ti’s.