Franco may have won the war, but he lost the literature. So finds Nick Caistor in Soldiers of Salamis by Javier Cercas. Javier Cercas’s Soldados de Salamina (Soldiers of Salamis) is a hybrid, metafictional (or self-reflective) blend of fiction and fact, novel and. Soldados de Salamina: Soldiers of Salamis. Javier Cercas, Author TusQuets $ (p) ISBN Tweet. More By and About This Author.

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Soldados de Salamina

It is now less and less necessary for the writer to invent the fictional content of his novel. I wanted a copy of this book long before I read Cercas’ “Anatomy of a Moment” and finally tracked it down in Spain.

Skip to content In the final moments of the Spanish Civil War, fifty prominent Nationalist prisoners are executed by firing squad. It shows how each individual was their own man, fighting through the turmoil that erupted around them.

Hilariously, Cercas creates for his alter-ego a bleached-blonde, spike-heeled philistine of a girlfriend who works as a fortune-teller on television and fetishises his former middling success as a novelist while criticising his current direction for lacking leftist chic: Over the following years, Maria would write to Sanchez Mazas many times and he would always answer in his own handwriting.

The Spanish civil war is staggering to its inevitable conclusion. Better therefore, as antidote to such unwelcome memories, to invent a caricature hero, indelibly scarred but indefatigable warrior for all the right causes. Uomini nella Storia Valutazione assegnata dopo lunga indecisione fra le tre e le quattro stelle. How does the writer’s creative versus the facts affect the story?

View all 12 comments. A lot of the novel Soldiers of Salamis deals with this scar. Nel un giornalista intervista uno scrittore, che gli racconta la singolarissima vicenda del proprio padre, tra i fondatori della falange, ‘fucilato’ nella zona dei Pirenei dove, verso la fine della Guerra Civile Spagnola, molti Repubblicani fuggivano verso la Francia con un carico di prigionieri.

Maybe because that’s what made him different to Sanchez Mazas – because no-one deserves to die for an idea, no matter how ill-informed or cynical or dishonest. In the political arena, the Law of Historical Memory of attempted to move on from the pact of forgetting adopted by the Spanish at the time of the transition to democracy.


View all 5 comments. The church in Spain had always backed the rich landowners, instead of standing up javoer the poor, and later on the church also backed the Fascists soldadis so it is not too much of a stretch that some people javidr have identified the church with the oppressors and oppression.

Makes you wonder how will you look back at your younger years while dying on your deathbed: May 28, Sinem A. Most Civil War tales tend to be told from the Republican point of view, but the author chose to see it from the Nationalist point of view instead, and makes no assumptions. Memories, reflections, “lies, lies and lies” quoting Miralles. For its no vote the Popular Party accused the Socialist Party government by way of the Historical Memory Law of weakening the political consensus of the transition to democracy and “using the Civil War as an argument for political propaganda,” The Republican Left of Catalonia rejected the law on the basis it did not go far enough.

But more than that, by solsados novel’s end we encounter a true picture of heroism, and though this last section seems clunky at times – the machinery just a little too transparent, the last pages slightly too sentimental – it is very moving. Untypical of a typical history book, this post modern version is divided into three sections. Well, the problem was that all the roads, buildings, and national monuments in the country were named in honor of the Franco dictatorship and its heroes.

From Bolano’s Between Parentheses: He wrote ‘This is the end; any day now Barcelona will fall. Example is Japan trying to deny the atrocities of their own soldiers or their Mongolian recruits during the rape of Nanking or the presence of comfort women in the different countries in Southeast Asia crecas the Iavier. View all 33 comments. Spanish Civil War novels Posthegemony.

Soldados de Salamina by Javier Cercas

That didn’t keep him from frequenting the most exclusive salons of the capital Cercas, however, made use of the history only as a stepping stone to illustrate how the lives of his characters are interconnected from vercas 30’s to the year when the story ends. Trivia About Soldados de Salamina.

They felt they were mavier. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I started reading about it a month or two ago, and the more you read about it, the more you want to read about it, but Ballard said the balance between reality and fiction had shifted: Many of the corpses of those shot who had been exhumed, had their hands tied behind their backs.


Retrieved 24 November His book is unique and illuminating and touching. Menu Skip to content.

This is the part where he introduced the Chilean novelist, Roberto Bolano of popular contemporary novels likeSavage Detectives, etc. Not only was the country split in two during the civil war, but there followed 40 years of rule by one side that sought to deny any virtues to its adversaries.

Or someone who has courage and an instinct for virtue, and therefore never makes a mistake, or at least doesn’t make a mistake the one time when it matters, and therefore can’t not be a hero. So anyway, after Franco died, Spain was lucky enough to have had good King Juan Carlos named by Franco as his successor, and as salamjna all know, he was a spanking good chap who helped Spain along and even through a second right-wing coup attempt on its teetering legs towards Democracy.

After hiding in the Chilean embassy for the first year of the war, he is then taken prisoner on the ship Uruguay until the end of the war, when he is taken to the countryside to be killed by firing squad. In this novel, the questions can be applied to both nationali. I knew from prior reading on the subject that some mass graves have already been exhumed, but when I wanted to look up on statistics due to my conversation with Wastrel, I found this articlewhich, by its implications, tells us that the scar running through the Spanish psyche is far from being healed.

Soldiers of Salamis – Wikipedia

Lists with This Book. Soldados de Salamina was adapted by the director and screenwriter David Truebapremiering in Spain on March 21, Perhaps javiee have won. How does memory affect things? Notify me of new posts via email.

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